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 As a Designer in Denver, Colorado, I have had the great honor of working with the best of the best

Artists and Faux Finishers  in Colorado.

Below showcases just a handful of some of my favorite Projects.


 Italian Restaurant - Villa Scene Mural

(Artist - Art of the Interiors - Andrea Humme)


Embosed Gold Leaf on textured/glazed walls


Stenciled Design on top of a textured/glazed wall


Trompe Lautrec Poster

Painted Onto Wall

Venetian Plaster - Water Closet

 (Faux Finisher - "Dub" James)


Glazing to these lightly "skip-trowel" textured wall


 Interactive Fun & Whimsical Western Children's Bedroom

(Artist - Matt Dowling)


Textured Ceiling using Painted Paper along with Vine Stencil (pictured in my Gallery) 

(Artist/Faux Finisher - Robert Castillo - Ultimate Illusions)



Guest Bath Walls & Ceilings using Venetian Plaster

Garden Scene Mural for Kitchen Nook


 Destressed/Antiqued Tumbled Marble Texture accent this Contemporary Kitchen Island Wall. 

Featured in "Signature Kitchen & Baths" Spring 2003 issue.

(Faux Finisher - Dub James)

Textured/Glazed Walls & Coffered Ceiling painted with unique gilding


Art Niche with a Dimensional Painted Frame on Textured Glazed Walls (Artist/Faux Finisher - Robert Castillo - Ultimate Illusions)

 Playroom Parker Valley Mural, we even destressed  the wood panels to resemble old red barn wood.  This, you've got to see in person!  (Robert Castillo - Ultimate Illusions)